Intrascript Mobile Dictation App Instructions

Go to your App Store and download the Intrascript Dictation App

Once it is download, you can open up the app:

Click on Open Preferences:
open preferences

Once you are in the Preferences section:

      You may now log in to the app with your Password:

      Click on New and you will be brought to the Dictation Screen. (or click on a patient name if you are using the Schedule)
      1. Hit Rec. to start your dictation.
      You can stop, start, pause, etc. as needed. And also listen to your file
      2. There is a place to enter in the Patient Name, MRN, Report Type, and if you want the file to have a Stat priority.
      3.When you are done with the file, just hit Sent to upload the file to the server. Or you can hit Hold to place the file in your Drafts to append/send later.

      The app has four Tabs:
      SCHEDULE - Patient lists/info can be loaded to a website. The info would show up here and you can dictate on patients directly from this page. Just click on the patient name and you are brought to the screen to dictate.
      DRAFTS - If you are not ready to send a dictation right away, you can put the file on Hold in the Drafts section. From the Drafts, you can Append, Play, or Send a dictation.
      OUTBOX - When a file is in the process of being sent/uploaded, it will show the progress on this page. You don't need to stay on this page while the file is sending. You can continue to dictate more files.
      HISTORY - Displays all the files that you have dictated and sent. You can resend files from this page if needed. And the files will purge from this page depending on how many days you have set in your Preferences/Settings - Voice Retention.