HIPAA Compliant Texting with IntraScript Using SecureCell Pro 

Means non transcription, monthly reoccurring revenue for our partners!

Protect PHI and Confidential Conversations with Federally Validated Encryption Standards 
  • 4096-bit encryption at all levels (In transit and ‘data at rest’)
  • All sensitive data is protected at the message level with 2048 encryption - nine times higher than HIPAA recommendations (4096 Available on private label) 
  • Data and messages intransitutilize aSecure Socket SSL relay 
  • Messages are never accessible by anyone but the intended recipient. No intermediate serversarchive your sensitiveconversations or PHI 
  • Because messages with Protected Health Information (PHI)are never seen by our staff or stored on our servers, a HIPAA Business Agreement is not required to begin using SecureCell Pro. 
When time is most critical, SecureCell Pro brings caregivers together, giving them the option ofusing secure real-time messaging. 

There are occasionswhen telephone-tag can be life threatening. ACGME identifies poor communication as the leading cause of sentinel events. Improve your communication with the HIPAA-complianttext messagingsolution from SecureCell.  
SecureCell Pro works on any smartphone, tablet or web-enabled MAC or PC making it ideal for healthcare facilities when doctors are mobile and nurses and emergency personnel need to connect. 

“As a physician I feel that some conversations need to be private... just like a telephone call, not everything needs to be recorded. With litigation the way it is today I'm glad I have SecureCell Pro. I no longerworrythat something I discuss about patient care might betaken out ofcontext and use it in a lawsuit. It's nice to be practicing medicine the way attorneys work - with privileged information between me and my colleagues....” 

vs. COST 
For less than the cost of a pager, SecureCell Pro helps you improve patient care and reduce the risk of HIPAA violations. 
Want to know more? Follow this link to learn more about HIPAA Compliant Texting for your facility. 
“We were looking for a way that all our caregivers couldmessage one anotherwithout violatingHIPAA. SecureCell Pro fit the bill. This was the only application we found that allowed our entire staff toshare private patient information, from their mobile devices, in a secure textingenvironment. It has greatly enhance our communication and patient care.” 
Jacquelyn Smith, Privacy Officer