Frequently Asked Questions

A: No! IntraScript™ is solely a consulting and SaaS service business. Unlike many transcription solution providers, we believe that being both a service provider and a competitor at the same time presents a conflict of interest. In Fact, we are forming an MTSO Alliance along with Sales and Marketing so that we can help our customers grow and compete with the Nuance an M*Modal groups! IntraScript™ experts will attend pre and post sales meetings along with you to represent a single effective team for your customers - our goal is your GROWTH.

A: No. All you need is a computer with access to the Internet. Please see our technology page for minimum computer requirements.

A: Definitely not. If you're not happy, we're not happy either.

A: Yes, we do provide reseller status to our customers. With today's rapidly changing technology and requirements, many health care organizations require hybrid solutions. Our implementations range from full outsourcing, to a mix of in-house and external resources, and with mixed VR and EMR systems. The additional benefits are non-transcription revenue for our customers, and one stop shopping for the facility.

A: No. Any digital recording device will work. PDA or computers equipped with digital voice recorders will also work. MT's will want to have a generic foot pedal.

A: We accommodate large and small companies alike, whether you have 10 medical transcriptionists or 1000.

A: We excel in supporting our clients. IntraScript™ has a 24/7 critical support team, and standard support is available during normal business hours. Our typical support response time is less than 15 minutes.

A: Yours! You get a personalized and branded login page and domain as part of the service.

A: Yes. Our platform works with digital or analog phones, in addition to digital voice recorders and PDAs. We can provide you a private toll-free number and redundant backup dictation servers as well.

A: IntraScriptTM has 99 priority levels that can be assigned to different work types. STAT assignments are available as well.

A: No.

A: No.

A: Physicians and assistants can log in to view, edit and electronically sign transcriptions. Hard copies or digital files can be automatically printed and stored at any remote location with an Internet connection.

A: Yes. We have automatic forwarding built into the system. Referring physicians can receive documents automatically the same way your clients do. Referring physicians can even reference and data mine previous referral patient records via your own private and secure website.

A: Setting up a new client has never been easier! With the exception of templates, a new clinic can be set up in minutes. Document delivery rules are created and managed remotely making the whole process simple to set up and manage.

A: Yes. A wide array of reports is available, and new ones are often being created by request. All reports are fully indexed for extensive and flexible searching.

A: Invoicing and real-time revenue and cost reporting are readily available as part of the platform.

A: Yes. Our platform allows you to configure pricing by physician, affiliate and MT. We also have bonus pricing for incentive programs for MTs, as well as shift rates and priority pricing options.

A: We offer multiple pricing methodologies by character and gross lines, by minute or document.

A: Yes. Our application is one of very few with this robust capability.

A: No. We support dial-up connections, but we do not recommend them. The faster your Internet connection is, the better.

A: No. The system is completely self-administered. You can set up logins for each MT, editor or medical office. Adding or changing MTs is free.

A: No. It takes about 20 minutes to learn the fundamentals. The software has intuitive menus that are easy to navigate.

A: Yes. While our system is based on the most common business rules, we can customize the software based on your needs.

A: Yes to both. Access documents at any point to make edits. Every version of every document is saved.

A: Yes. You can set up the job queue to deliver jobs and re-route them when necessary.

A: Yes. Including detailed audit tracking. Our data center is SAS 70 certified and meets the highest levels of security and reliability.

A: Yes. We can support a wide range of integration options from batch to real-time port to port connectivity along with advanced discreet level EMR population.

A: Yes. IntraScript's™ software is also compatible with the many variations implemented by EMR vendors like Epic, GE, McKesson, Meditech, Softmed and others.

A: Yes. We have server redundancy and automatic data backups located in secure, controlled environments.

A: Yes. Search by a number of fields including file name, physician, patient name, DOS, job number and keyword. Every word in the report is indexed for fast keyword and phrase data mining.