IntraScript's Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

When you choose IntraScript you are choosing:

  • Enterprise-level solutions with no large capital expenditures
  • No more outdated proprietary software or hardware
  • No additional burdens on infrastructure and IT departments

IntraScript's medical transcription solution is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that provides your organization with the tools you need to ensure secure and efficient patient documentation workflow processes within your healthcare facility.

Outsourcing Transcription or Hybrid Environments

With IntraScript, HIM departments have the opportunity to make their own technology choice, while maintaining an outsourcing relationship. The average healthcare organization changes transcription companies every 18 months, costing them thousands of dollars in software, time and resources. Having your own transcription application gives your organization control over transcription by eliminating the cost of changing software and hardware, and the flexibility to use the transcription company that fits your facility best. With IntraScript, your HIM department maintains control and oversight, and transcription costs are transparent.

In-house Transcription

IntraScript's medical transcription solution, eliminates repetitive, non-productive patient documentation handling, and saves healthcare organizations time and money. Our web-based transcription solution allows HIM departments to automate workflow and productivity reporting, and free up valuable facility space by allowing MT staff to work from home. The HIM department's management of document handling tasks is reduced drastically, and management is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Robust platform features include: the ability to track, audit, and report on any transcription activity, easy integration with EMRs and existing dictation servers. These features allow your HIM department run more efficiently.

We Offer Solutions!!

With next generation transcription solutions, IntraScript will replace your aging legacy dictation and transcription systems, leaving behind the expensive maintenance contracts, the support nightmares and the expensive upgrades. There is no complicated installation process, and training is fast and easy.

EMR Integration

A wide range of integration options are available from batch to real-time port-to-port connectivity along with advanced discreet-level EMR population, providing seamless population of information into the patient's chart. As EMR systems evolve, a hybrid model (mix of template and straight dictation) is becoming the standard to maximize physician productivity and provide the best value.

    Workflow automation, job routing and overflow management features:

  • Real-time summaries of workflow and job status
  • Automatically print to multiple remote and on-site locations
  • Automated job routing and user access controlled by local administrator
  • Ability to automatically forward transcriptions and attachments to referring physicians
  • Electronic signatures for online document processing
  • Intelligent document search and retrieval
  • Review, edit and electronically sign transcriptions from any PC, Tablet or iPad with Internet access
  • Re-route jobs to overflow pool with three mouse clicks
  • Quickly add new users without cost or delay
  • Attach images to transcriptions

    Detailed productivity and cost reports

  • Detailed TAT, aging and auditing
  • Audit user and dictation activity, job detail and user access
  • Automated accounting reports, including user cost reports and invoicing histories