IntraScript's Advanced Technology With Amazing Results

One of the best parts of our software is that you don't have to know a lot about technology! With just a few clicks, you can manage the entire transcription process from any computer with a web connection.

    IntraScript's Software Integration (with EMR, Scheduling Systems, PACS, & Coding Systems)

    Example Interfaces (not all inclusive):

  • Standard and non-standard HL7 v2.3 and newer port-to-port network exchange
  • Softmed Systems, Inc CharScript (r) v8.2 unstructured templates MS Word
  • Meditech HL7 to transcription vendor v2.3 or newer
  • Allscripts, HMS, GE Logiscian, EPIC and Kaiser Medical Group
  • XML and web services (WDSL)
  • Custom ASCII file parsing for patient demographic data (ADT)
  • XML standard allows interfacing with virtually all software
  • Patient demographics are captured and used to pre-populate reports 

The Technology Behind All Of It

Our standards-based “data hub” design gives us the ability to adapt to specific operational environments with minimal or no cost. Because we use SQL and XML, we are not tied to any legacy or proprietary protocols, giving us tremendous flexibility and a unique position in the marketplace. IntraScript can capture voice files from virtually any existing dictation server and seamlessly import them into our platform for fast, automatic file capture and delivery.

    Relevant Features of IntraScript Medical Transcription Solution

  • Role-based security
  • Account lock after three unsuccessful login attempts with recording of source IP address
  • Activity-based auditing
  • Automatic document version control - all versions are tracked and maintained
  • 2048-bit SSL communications

    Tiered Architecture

  • Web servers manage user interface
  • Data servers store confidential information and reports and have no Internet access
  • NAS (network attached storage) – no Internet access - servers store voice files using terabyte arrays
  • Real-time replication of files for data availability and enhanced performance
  • Real-time availability of voice files
  • Formal Disaster Recovery Plan

    Security and Data Protection

  • Dell servers are in secure data center with three physical levels of security
  • Redundant servers are backed up every 15 minutes
  • Each server has redundant components
  • 24/7 guarded data center facilities with restricted access
  • Redundant Tier 1 Internet providers with UPS and power generators
  • Cisco PIX firewall security
  • SAS 70 certified data center

    Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft(r)Windows XP or newer (with recommended Microsoft patches)
  • 2 GHz CPU with 1GB RAM
  • 1 GB free disk space (dependent on voice upload retention policy)
  • Internet connection (high-speed preferred)