IntraScript's Solutions for MTSOs

Medical Transcription

IntraScript's transcription platform gives your organization control over transcription workflow. With features like automated invoicing, robust reporting, flexible physician dictation options, audit capabilities, automated document delivery and retrieval, and complete administrative control, you have everything you need in one platform.

    Workflow Automation and Job Routing Features:

  • Fully integrated word editor, player, medical spell checker and expander all included at no charge
  • Synchronized audio/document bookmarking to speed QA for VR and Non VR reports
  • Automated header/footer/signature blocks based on centralized dynamic rules
  • Real-time reporting of workflow and job status
  • Automatically print to multiple remote locations; write and edit dynamic rules without ever going on site
  • Automated job routing and user access controlled by local administrator
  • Prioritize jobs, resources and invoice accordingly
  • Automatically route jobs to QA by work type, QA sampling and MT status
  • Expand your reach organically by automatically forwarding transcriptions and attachments to referring physicians
  • Electronic signature capabilities for online document processing
  • Intelligent document search and retrieval
  • Review, edit and electronically sign reports securely online from anywhere
  • Client QA to automate and manage internal staff review or research
  • Attach images and external documents to reports as requested by facility
  • Access voice and text files simultaneously with MTs for troubleshooting and QA

    Detailed Productivity Reports

  • Detailed TAT, aging and auditing
  • Audit user and dictation activity, job detail and user access in real time
  • User activity and productivity reports

IntraScript's transcription platform is the most flexible solution available in today's marketplace. Our software platform is used nationwide in health care facilities and MTSOs of all sizes, and we have implemented interfaces with hundreds of systems from dictation servers to advanced EMRs.

Along with shared staff, sales and marketing we can help our customers grow and compete with the Nuance an M*Modal groups. IntraScript experts will also attend pre and post sales meetings along with you to represent a single effective team for your customers, our goal is your GROWTH!

    Invoicing and Cost Management

  • Automatic invoicing with job detail
  • Invoice summaries and histories
  • MT activity, payment, and cost tracking
  • User cost reports and invoicing histories
  • Physician activity and cost tracking

    Grow Without Adding Overhead

  • Add new users without cost
  • Add and manage users from anywhere
  • Set up new clients by phone within minutes


  • Technical support within minutes, not days
  • 24/7 critical support